Guinness Fast Facts


  • A perfect Guinness pour should take 119.5 seconds
  • Should be poured at 42.8 Fahrenheit or 6 degrees celsius
  • 10 Million pints are enjoyed EVERY DAY
  • Brewed in 49 countries and enjoyed in more than 150 countries
  • Top 5 Guinness drinking countries: Great Britain, Ireland, Nigeria, USA, Cameroon
  • 40% of all Guinness is sold in Africa
  • Guinness is a stout and a stout is a kind of ale- Beer all has to do with how the yeast reacts and sits
  • Ale- Yeast ferments at the top and usually with warmer temperatures than the bottom fermenting Lager
  • Gets it’s dark color (dark ruby-not black) from roasted barley
  • A pint of Guinness contains 198 calories (less than a glass of orange juice or low-fat milk)