Local Suppliers

Here at The Olde Dublin Pub & Claddagh Oyster house we take pride in supporting local. PEI has really taken off with sourcing the best of local ingredients. Here is a bit of information on who WE use as local suppliers and what they are all about!

Plate is a neat little operation that has been doing some great things with the riches of the Island, and a way to give back to the community.

How does it work?
Consumers participate by first becoming a Member and purchasing shares. This spring, members can choose from the following shares: veggie, egg, cheese, bread, beer and prepared meals.
Spring Food Baskets are custom built, giving you more flexibility to purchase and receive what you want. A Member can choose to include any combination of shares in their basket. For instance, you can choose to purchase the veggie share and the cheese share, or you can choose to solely purchase the egg share. It is up to you what shares are included in your own Spring Food Basket!

The Spring Food Basket is a subscription-based program of mutual commitment between local businesses and a community of supporters. It links consumers directly to their source of food, providing them with some of the freshest and tastiest foods the Island has to offer. This model also helps rural businesses connect with their customers, providing them with a steadier income all year round. It also creates a stronger and healthier local food network, in which everyone benefits!

Where and When do Members pick-up their Food Baskets?
Pick-Ups will be held every Tuesday between 4:00pm and 5:30pm at the Farm Centre located at 420 University Avenue in Charlottetown (next to the Allen St. Sobeys). Since spring can wildly vary every year, we are leaving the start date open, but will aim to start Tuesday, May 3rd and run the Food Baskets for 9 weeks through to Tuesday, June 28th. A confirmation email will be sent to you at least a week before the start date, confirming Pick-Up dates, times as well as payment information.

Interested in becoming a member?
It’s an easy three-step process:
First; select what shares you would like to include in your basket
Second; fill out your contact information
Third; choose your payment plan and method

Once you’ve completed and sent us the form, we will send you a confirmation email.
Now let us make this Spring Delectable!

Growing up on PEI we all know how exciting it is to head down to the wharf and see what the freshest catch of the day is! MR Seafood is another great supplier that we are proud to use; they take all the hard work out of sourcing the freshest or the freshest seafood!

After hearing that question over and over, and feeling frustration for not having a good answer to this question (living on an Island where fishing is a primary industry) Mickey Rose decided to take matters into his own hands. He started a business with a mission to provide fresh fish for local consumers, Island restaurants and tourists.

Mickey grew up in the fishing industry, as many Prince Edward Islanders do. He fished with his father off the East Coast of PEI as a teenager, and soon became interested in the technical side of the industry. In college he studied quality control, becoming a certified technician which lead to management positions at a selection of fish plants, learning the ropes for seven years. Leveraging his experience and education, he became general manager of a seafood processing operation and held that position for the next sixteen years.

Mickey also worked for DND and helped start fish contracts throughout Canada. As a consultant he is in high demand, assisting fish plant start ups establishing supply and smooth out product and management duties.

After twenty-three years in the seafood industry, Mickey launched MR Seafood’s in the spring of 2007, and currently employs 8 staff members.

Mickey and his wife Mary decided it was time to have their own building, so in April 2014, they bought land at 61 Thompson Drive and began building (with Burgoyne Construction) their new establishment. MR Seafood’s new shop was completed in Feb 2015. Come stop by the new shop and see what we have to offer!

MR Seafood’s began operations in April of 2007 with one half ton truck. Since then MR Seafood’s has grown to be PEI’s Premium Retailer and wholesaler of seafood products on Prince Edward Island. MR Seafood’s carries a wide variety of Fresh and Frozen seafood products all year round and services local consumers, restaurants and fish markets alike.

All of our products are sourced locally from fisherman and processing plants on Prince Edward Island and around the Maritimes with a high emphasis on quality.

Tuesday to Friday, you can catch our trucks retailing in several locations across rural Prince Edward Island. If you can’t catch one of our trucks, feel free to visit our retail store in Charlottetown, located at 61 Thompson Drive or drop down to our booth at the Charlottetown Farmers Market every Saturday located on Belvedere Avenue.

Visit their webpage www.mrseafoods.com